At M.J.P. Autos we have state of the art diagnostic equipment on site. These are dedicated units which assist us on a day to day basis finding and rectifying faults on the following:

  • engine management
  • Transmission
  • Antilock braking system

We can also target units and test them off of the vehicle:

  • E.G.R. valves
  • Oxygen sensors
  • M.A.P. Sensors

I know that a lot of the jargon above means nothing to most people, but the lists above are just a few examples of the many units now used in the vehicle to manage the engine, suspension, brakes, transmission and so on. All these units then send the data to the main E.C.U. This is where we collect the data with our diagnostic equipment and use it as necessary.

The diagnostic computer on the right is a Snap on Solus this is our most popular m/c that we use daily.

So if you require diagnostics, or there's a funny yellow light on your dash come in for a diagnostic check

computer on steering wheel

computer in use