Glenhaven tyres

M.J.P.Autos (Glenhaven tyres) has a fully equipped tyre bay on site, we carry all popular sizes of tyres in stock, all other tyres can be ordered online or by phone and be delivered the same day. We also have a 4 wheel laser tracking machine on site which will accurately set your steering and track you wheels. If you have a puncture on the road (usually women) we will try our best to get to you and assist in wheel changing.

The above name was in fact owned by a third party who operated from this address, unfortunately his idea of customer service and ours differed somewhat, so after lengthy discussions it was decided that M.J.P.Autos would take the firm over. This was four years ago so thats the history lesson...

In the picture on the right is Dan Baker our intrepid tyre fitter Dan has been with us for four years.

All our used tyres are disposed of with London Tyre Disposals we like to stay as green as possible.

changing a tyre