At M.J.P. Autos we service all makes of vehicles English, French, Italian, Japenese , Korean, American. That said the most important thing about servicing a vehicle is talk to the customer when booking the vehicle in. Ask if there is anything they need us to look at specificly such as a noise or vibration, does the engine seem sluggish, this can be looked at whilst the vehicle is being serviced , this is better than when they pick up the vehicle they then remember some small fault , which now disrupts their day and ours.

  • we make sure all lubricants are the correct spec for your vehicle
  • we can arrange to pick up your vehicle and deliver if required
  • all vehicles are cleaned before returning to customer
  • Come in for a free battery and alternator check
  • come in for a free antifreeze check
  • Bulbs and window wipers changed whilst you wait
  • Our aim is take the stress out of any vehicle maintenance .
  • In the picture on the right is Sam Westlake he has been with us 10 years

car on a ramp

technician looking into car engine

working on back of a car